Mesh Decks

Mega Mesh is the ideal storage solution for all types of applications including small parts storage, cool room and freezer storage. Wire mesh decks are a clean and safe alternative to plywood or particle board decks, and they provide a durable, cost-effective and safe solution to storing EU and US Pallets, non-standard import crates and bulky carton stock.
Mesh Decking is also quick and easy to install and is easily maintained – with the mesh structure providing increased operator visibility and light penetration within your storage areas.
Fire Protection:
  • Wire Mega Mesh is virtually maintenance free, no dust or dirt can build up on the surface.
  • Complies with FM Global specifications for ESFR sprinkler with open shelving
  • Wire Mega Mesh can be treated as ‘open rack’ as defined in NFPA13 (open area greater than 70%)
  • With flow through shelving, in the case of fire, the sprinkler system can get water to all levels easier and more effectively than with solid shelving or pallets
  • Flow through shelving can reduce the risk of falling goods in the case of fire, as solid shelving or timber pallets may catch and spread the fire and/or collapse
  • Mega Mesh decking can allow for faster sprinkler activation and penetration
  • Mega Mesh decking may help in meeting stringent insurance requirements